A New Moon in Scorpio 
SUNDAY, November 12th, 2023 
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM PST 
Suggested Donation: $33 - $44 (to be paid at the event) 
or bring gifts instead of suggested donation
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Femmifest Vol.6

Join us for the sixth edition of Femmifest, our debut event in the City of Angels. In this special edition, Ruby Mountain is welcoming the talented artist Tihane from Soul Tune. Together, they will create a peaceful and magical space for you to soothe your nervous system and attune to your Femmifesting® vibration, allowing you to receive the things of your highest good.

On this new moon, take a moment to honor your beautiful ancestors, deepen your self-love, and harmonize your sacred divine feminine and masculine energies through the magic of sound alchemy, flower essences, and a rose harmonization chakra cleansing. Balancing your divine energies within enables you to effortlessly be in the cosmic flow and effortlessly receive your heart's desires.

Event Details:

  • Astrology Insights with Tihane
  • Rose Chakra Cleansing led by Ruby Mountain
  • Sound Bath by Tihane
  • Femmifesting vs. Manifesting
  • Femmifesting Flower Essence Elixir
  • "I Receive What I Desire" Sound Alchemy Guided Meditation by Ruby Mountain

Important Note: Please arrive before each meditation. Entry during the meditations will not be permitted.

About Femmifest: Nourish and Cultivate Your Energy: 

Femmifest is an event offering from the magical lifestyle brand Femmifesting®, created by Ruby Mountain during the pandemic. This brand was born out of a vision to uplift divine feminine energies to help restore balance to our world. Femmifesting® shares spiritual tools that have guided Ruby through challenging times and enabled them to live a life of synchronicity and reception, attuned to the highest good.

Artist Bios:

Ruby Mountain is a songstress and Venusian Goddess here creating pathways for people to tune into love, abundance vibrations and their cosmic lineage. They are a music producer, a bearer of Grandmother Amalia Rose Medicine lineage from Xochimilco, Mexico, creator of Afghan sound alchemy, and past life regression practitioner from the Dolores Cannon tradition. Ruby is the CEO of Femmifesting® and talented Musician. Explore her music videos here. 

Tihane is a Performing Artist, Creative Director and Public Speaker who focuses on immersive storytelling experiences that awaken and empower audiences with creative tools for personal transformation. She cites her Polynesian Croatian background, nomadic upbringing and a decade of living in Kenya, as her main sources of inspiration in cultivating creative experiences that bridge divides. She has been invited to speak and perform at TEDx, Yale University, BBC Introducing, SXSW and more.